Nuru massage is an exotic body-to-body massage that came to the West only recently, although it has been well known in its homeland, Japan, since probably the earliest times. However, over the centuries, the Nuru massage technique has maintained its tradition and means

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Nuru massage – what is it?

“Nuru”, translated from Japanese, means “slippery”. The Nuru massage in Delhi itself is so slippery. It uses a special Nuru massage gel. It is a natural, extremely volatile and long-lasting gel made from deep-water seaweed used in the production of sushi leaves. Therefore, the massage gel is not only suitable for all people (because it does not contain allergens), but at the same time nourishes and softens and restores the skin’s moisture balance.

True, the gel has more than just the properties listed above. There are several other reasons why this gel is used for Nuru massage instead of a simple massage oil. First of all, you can clean it extremely easily with any cloth. For example, after a massage, you can easily clean your feet with a towel while traveling to the bathroom. Because the gel is made from natural products, it is water-soluble, so unlike massage oil, it is extremely easy to wash off. You won’t need any extra tools, just enough water. However, the most important property of Nuru gel is its consistency. It is persistent and does not absorb into the skin as fast as massage oils, and at the same time works perfectly as a lubricant.

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