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Erotic Massage is a massage style based on Erotic, which is a philosophy that emerged more than 5000 years ago, whose origin was born in the DrĂ¡vida culture, people who lived in the valley of the Indus River. Erotic is a behavioral philosophy, with matriarchal, sensorial and depressing principles. Their meditations, practices and experiences lead to awakening and ascending to the Kundalini energy, which is the life force energy that gives life and consequently all the energetic, emotional, mental and physiological processes of individuals. Tantric massage seeks to refine sensitivity in order to expand and intensify the orgiastic sensation, linking various muscle groups in the orgasm’s bioelectric reaction. Erotic body to body massage in mahipalpur near IGI Airport Delhi is also getting attraction from the youths.

This intensifying orgasm work has a therapeutic effect – energizing the chakras and regulating hormone production – as well as a meditative effect, expanding consciousness and awareness. For centuries, the woman was deprived of orgasm because he was not tied to procreation. Only the female orgasm come to be admitted, but to date women have not yet discovered their full potential. The goal is to teach women some of the techniques used to mobilize energy in a complete and integrative way throughout the body – not just in the genital area, as is common and common in conventional masturbatory experience. Properly exploring the genital region with specific stimuli, and raising and spreading energy throughout the body, it is possible to experience a quantum leap in the quality of pleasure, sustaining for more time new levels of pleasure and orgasm.

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