Indonesia has great contribution in massage revolution. The classic thai massage has though been invented in Thailand but it has gained popularity in Indonesia only. Let us tell you why do you need massage? Too much pressure and work makes you tired and you need to relax after that. However there are many ways one can feel relaxed. Some people like to play games to feel relaxed and some other do fun activities. But the ones who can not go outside or can not have time to play games; they undergo classin thai massage therapy.

Classic thai massage is symbolized by the relaxation and deep massage techniques. In this thai therapy the person is laid on the floor with lose fitting clothes. In this type of massage you need not to use oil. The real meaning of the massage is “Nual Phaen Boran” that means classic manner massage. Indonesia made this massage system popular and in Thialand this was considered to be the best branch of tradional medicines. The classic thai massage can surely heal any kind of sickness. To be trained in this massage you need not to be from the medical background. Thai massage is an integration of several influences. Indian, Chinese, South east asian massages are components of thai massage.

Classin Thai massage has also been known with various names. In different locations it is known with different names. Thai Yoga, Yoga massage and several other similar names are among them. The best thing about this massage is it being more energetic and rigorous. One of the reason why it is called Yoga massage is the use of hand, knees and legs for the therapy. Many experts say it is nothing but a form of yoga.

The time taken for the classic thai massage is around 60 minutes. Some of the spas ask customers to take some confortable clothes from home. This is the unique massage where herbs, earth, wind, fire and water are used. The massage also improves the blood circulation.