Spa is an endeavor of Cosmopolitan Hydrotherapy and Wellness Systems to blend the body psyche and soul of an individual, less than one rooftop. That’s why our trademark is body, mind soul – in harmony. It is 21st century way to deal with health. It is completely cutting edge way to deal with mending, established in old insight with science and additionally craft of water treatment – working as one, to permit you to assume responsibility of your own physical, mental and enthusiastic prosperity. The Cosmopolitan Wellness Spa rationality envelops all parts of your life – Asian and Western Spa Therapies, Exercise, Diet, Yoga, Meditation and Counselling.


Spa in Delhi is the biggest, regarding gross territory and useful or operational zone too. The rooms are spacious to the point that it contains every one of the modalities like Steam, Sauna, Shower and Ultra Modern Jacuzzis in each individual room. The ultra cutting edge Jacuzzis are ergonomically intended for the solace of your body, has control expert planes conveys flawless blend of water and air on the profound tissues of your body to unwind and renew your psyche and body.

Appreciate a getaway from regular stresses by spending a day in restoring yourself in the Spa. Exploit the offices including Steam, Sauna and Jacuzzi shower encounters and foot unwinding parlours. To bring a joy for your body and soul, we have drawn from both-Asian and Western methods only for you – to make a definitive mix of massage alternatives. Profoundly remedial treatment utilizing oil mixes offers you both – help in unwinding and animates the body and psyche. This massage discharges bunches and strain in the body utilizing firm or tender weight, successfully facilitating tired and hurting muscles.

An all encompassing treatment joining the force of vital oils with the best of Eastern and Western massage systems. Physically unwinding and quieting, whilst rationally elevating and clearing. An unadulterated crucial oil mix is chosen coordinate your individual needs making this massage remarkable to your body. A particular treatment that discharges the shoulder, back, neck and scalp pressure through massage that is both-alleviating so as to animate to ease muscle snugness torment and vitality adjusting, to completely unwind the body.

A massage that controls delicate tissue by mixing massage strokes with powerful profound infiltrating strategies. It decreases muscle weariness and helps in the recuperation of harmed tissue. It is most appropriate for the visitor to have an enhanced involvement in massage. Reflexology includes incitement of body meridians that have endings in the feet. Delicate incitements of these pressure point massage focuses on the feet empower the body’s own particular regular mending process and can have a general adjusting.