Full Body Massage Prices in Delhi

Massage services now changed in this time as per the demand and interest of peoples. In this time peoples are taking so much interest in massage, so they also want massage service as per modern luxury standard.  Massage is great technique to rejuvenate mind and body with natural way. Various massage parlours are offering their service to clients as per the needs and interest. Sometime peoples are not so much happy in their life and there are looking for some enjoying moments to add fun in their boring life. Massage parlour in delhi are now offering massage service with full of fun and enjoyment with complete satisfaction of clients.

Full body to body massage in Delhi is now become so much easy with help of internet or online portals. Clients now can easily get in touch with massage parlours through their official full body massage price in delhiwebsites. In this website all massage service and full body massage price in Delhi are also mentioned clearly. Clients can also book appointment through phone calls. Massage service providers are also available there for client assistance, if any question or query in mind of clients so massage experts can easily make it clear. Professional and experienced massage experts can easily understand the issue and offers appropriate solution for that. Full body massage is one of the easiest ways to relax your mind and body with help of natural products. It is also boost your energy level and help you to get off from stress and pain.

Our helpful retreats are mixes of amrita spa medications, deliberately chose to energies your body and mitigate away push. A complete day of liberality!


Your treatment begins with our uniquely arranged footbath to start the excursion towards unwinding. At that point you are dealt with to our mark Thai pack unwinding back rub to take away soreness from tired muscles. Once casual, you encounter joy, while our advisors treat you to our mark Club Olympus facial, nail trim and pedicure.


This is for the individuals who need to escape push and accomplish the ideal equalization of body, psyche and soul. Experience the most capable approach to diminish muscle strain and get stimulated through a progression of reviving customs. The experience starts with stone treatment, where warmed basalt stones are utilized to elevate dissemination to the muscles. This is trailed by a full-body fragrant healing back rub, after which you unwind in our wet zones to boost the advantages of the treatment. To finish up this empowering session, you then experience an elevating facial and eye treatment.

Half Day Spa Packages: Indulgence for Men

This bundle is composed particularly for men on the go, guaranteeing a reviving and helpful experience for psyche, body and skin sort. It begins with our mark ‘rising sun’ treatment, focused to mitigate you’re hurting muscles after a strenuous work out, where fragrant healing oil is kneaded into your muscles for an hour to discharge strong distress. This is trailed by our uniquely composed nail treatments and pedicures for men, given with an extreme hand and foot knead.

Total Spa Ritual Treatment

Recover balance with our mark ‘Imperial lotus’ treatment, given with a conventional dry pack, trailed by an Indian head back rub and Thai foot back rub offering you some assistance with attaining complete parity.

Special Offers

Body Massage

We have very special offers for regular customer call for more details.

Taking a massage after strenuous exercise, extensive travelling or a day full of chores at home is a great way to reduce body aches and pains. Massage therapies relieve body pain by healing damaged muscle tissues. They improve blood circulation which brings more oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles.

Special Package

5 Massage with steam shower Price- Rs. 5000 Duration – 3 Month
12 Massage with steam shower Price- Rs. 10000 Duration – 6 Month
25 Massage with steam shower Price- Rs. 20000 Duration – 12 Month
60 Massage with steam shower Price- Rs. 40000 Duration – 24 Month
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