Few Best and effective massage techniques

Massage is best way to tackle your daily physical and mental problems. Tension, stress, fatigue, depression, body pain, injury etc from all these problems you can easily get off by massage therapy. There are many techniques which can us use to manipulate our body muscles deeply and promote physical to relief relaxation. Blood circulation can also be correctly drifted in to our body. Various techniques are available in which few of them are as follow-

  • Swedish massage– Swedish massage used kneading and hand strokes which increases body circulation and sense of feeling well is also created.
  • Deep tissue massage– this type of massage technique good to treatment of a specific part of the body. Massage therapist use finger to working with slow deep movements across the body to release and restrict the blood to the body.
  • Sports massage– sports massage will reduce muscles swelling, body fatigue and tension. It is also helpful to increase flexibility in your body and reduces the muscles hardness.
  • Head massage– in this massage techniques head, neck and shoulders all these part covers. Natural oil is used in head massage. This technique reduces tension, shoulder and neck thickness and gives a relaxation.
  • Reflexology- this type of massage technique especially for hands and feet. Gentle stroke and rub applied on hands and feet to relieve stress and pain.
  • Hot stone massage- as per the name hot stones are main equipment in this massage. Pre heated stones are used with working temperature. Stones are used smoothly and gently applied on body.
  • Shiatsu massage– in these acupuncture pressure points applied on body with the help of finger and thumbs. This technique relieves the pain and improves the blood circulation in the body.
  • Neuromuscular massage– in this regular focuses applied on specific muscular complaint. Regular finger and elbow pressure applied on effected body parts.
  • Pregnancy massage– in this pregnant women get relaxes from their body pain and other physical problems. Mainly back massage main focused point in this.

Aromatherapy massage- essential oils are used for full body massage or specific part of the body. Oil selected as per the body line.

Nehru place one of the Asia’s largest markets for IT sector. Every day income transaction crosses in billions rupees. Thousands of people are operating their business from Nehru place. Delhi and NCR’s IT market fully depends on Nehru place. So it is perfect place to provide spa services for peoples those come here daily for their personal or professional reasons.

Sometime peoples think that spa parlors are only for body massage, but in fact it is not true. Spa parlors are offering huge services in which they cover head to toe part of the body very genuinely. Spa parlors are working with team of experts and they are follow a well maintain procedure in which they tried to give complete satisfaction to their clients. Some of spa services are as follow-

  • Facial – spa parlors are offering facial service for reliable client. Facial is important part of spa service. First impression is last impression, so face and facial treatment is first priority for spas.
  • Body treatment- body treatment includes body massage, in which many different type of massage techniques are used to give complete relaxation to customers. In worldwide thousands of body massage techniques are used, it depends on customers that which one is best for them as per their needs.
  • Head massage– head massage includes essential oil massage which helps to relaxed from head pain or reduces stress level.
  • Steam bath– steam bath is also an important step in which client’s gets bath on a steam room according to their body temperature.

We are also offering man to women and women to man body massage for clients those feels uncomfortable to get massage with same sex persons. It is common thing that client feel more relaxed and enjoy their spa treatment when they get body massage from opposite sex. We are also offering home services for our clients those like to get body treatment at their own place. Sometime client have no time to come on spa parlor so they can easily fix their home appointment by make a call to us. It is our experts are much experienced In their work so they can easily tackle the clients needs and requirements.

In olden time there is myth that massage therapy is only to avoid pain and stress, but it was just myth. There is no fact in this myth. Now people know that very well massage therapy is the best way to stay fit and health. Peoples have many different types of problems related with body and mind. Medicines are the short term relaxes able solution but for long lasting solution therapy is the best. There are so many different types of massages available you just need to select one of them. Few of them as follows:-

Head massage – some peoples are facing problem of stress and depression due to heavy work load or busy schedule in their life. They don’t have time to spend on relaxation or body work out. For them head massage is the best option to avoid stress headache etc. head massage includes natural oils and ingredients, so there is no harmful effect on your body.

Injuries – any one can be injured due to accident, playing games and any other reasons. This type of injuries takes too much time to recover. Massage therapy helps to recover fast from injuries. Sports men are also facing injuries during playing or practice time, so they prefer therapy of massage to get off their injuries.

Full body massage – full body massage is a type in which therapist apply massage on full body starting head to legs. This massage most popular in middle age groups, especially men like this massage. This is also an open massage because all clothes removed from body, so clients and therapists both have to be opening minded.

We are always trying to satisfy our client’s need, in this way we offers packages, discounts and other services. Door to door service is one of them which most appreciated by the clients. Many of our clients like to use home service due to lack of time. They can easily fix their appointment on their own place and our therapist is there. Youths like it most because they always appreciate new things and changes in their life. We are also offers services in hotel, farm houses and other selected places by the clients.


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