Massage is best way to tackle your daily physical and mental problems. Tension, stress, fatigue, depression, body pain, injury etc from all these problems you can easily get off by massage therapy. There are many techniques which can us use to manipulate our body muscles deeply and promote physical to relief relaxation. Blood circulation can also be correctly drifted in to our body. Various techniques are available in which few of them are as follow-

  • Swedish massage– Swedish massage used kneading and hand strokes which increases body circulation and sense of feeling well is also created.
  • Deep tissue massage– this type of massage technique good to treatment of a specific part of the body. Massage therapist use finger to working with slow deep movements across the body to release and restrict the blood to the body.
  • Sports massage– sports massage will reduce muscles swelling, body fatigue and tension. It is also helpful to increase flexibility in your body and reduces the muscles hardness.
  • Head massage– in this massage techniques head, neck and shoulders all these part covers. Natural oil is used in head massage. This technique reduces tension, shoulder and neck thickness and gives a relaxation.
  • Reflexology- this type of massage technique especially for hands and feet. Gentle stroke and rub applied on hands and feet to relieve stress and pain.
  • Hot stone massage- as per the name hot stones are main equipment in this massage. Pre heated stones are used with working temperature. Stones are used smoothly and gently applied on body.
  • Shiatsu massage– in these acupuncture pressure points applied on body with the help of finger and thumbs. This technique relieves the pain and improves the blood circulation in the body.
  • Neuromuscular massage– in this regular focuses applied on specific muscular complaint. Regular finger and elbow pressure applied on effected body parts.
  • Pregnancy massage– in this pregnant women get relaxes from their body pain and other physical problems. Mainly back massage main focused point in this.

Aromatherapy massage- essential oils are used for full body massage or specific part of the body. Oil selected as per the body line.