Nehru place one of the Asia’s largest markets for IT sector. Every day income transaction crosses in billions rupees. Thousands of people are operating their business from Nehru place. Delhi and NCR’s IT market fully depends on Nehru place. So it is perfect place to provide spa services for peoples those come here daily for their personal or professional reasons.

Sometime peoples think that spa parlors are only for body massage, but in fact it is not true. Spa parlors are offering huge services in which they cover head to toe part of the body very genuinely. Spa parlors are working with team of experts and they are follow a well maintain procedure in which they tried to give complete satisfaction to their clients. Some of spa services are as follow-

  • Facial – spa parlors are offering facial service for reliable client. Facial is important part of spa service. First impression is last impression, so face and facial treatment is first priority for spas.
  • Body treatment- body treatment includes body massage, in which many different type of massage techniques are used to give complete relaxation to customers. In worldwide thousands of body massage techniques are used, it depends on customers that which one is best for them as per their needs.
  • Head massage– head massage includes essential oil massage which helps to relaxed from head pain or reduces stress level.
  • Steam bath– steam bath is also an important step in which client’s gets bath on a steam room according to their body temperature.

We are also offering man to women and women to man body massage for clients those feels uncomfortable to get massage with same sex persons. It is common thing that client feel more relaxed and enjoy their spa treatment when they get body massage from opposite sex. We are also offering home services for our clients those like to get body treatment at their own place. Sometime client have no time to come on spa parlor so they can easily fix their home appointment by make a call to us. It is our experts are much experienced In their work so they can easily tackle the clients needs and requirements.